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For more than 30 years, Stratus Technologies (USA) has delivered the highest levels of uptime assurance for critical IT applications to organizations around the world. Stratus’ global support organization delivers proactive availability management and monitoring around-the-clock for its standards-based ftServer hardware and Avance software. A combination of advanced system diagnostics and preemptive remote intervention by Stratus availability experts prevents system downtime and data loss.

Stratus Technologies solutions involve products and services customized to fit your business needs of maximum availability. Application downtime at the wrong time, even for just a moment, can have a severe impact on operations for businesses large and small. The risks include extreme financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, and even loss of life.

Stratus ftServer® systems prevent downtime and data loss for essential business applications and services. These servers eliminate the complexity and costs of deploying and managing alternative high-availability and virtualization software solutions.

The seventh-generation 2710, 4710 and 6410 models utilize the Intel Xeon E5v2 processors to further extend the performance and capacity capabilities of ftServer systems. The previous generation ftServer 2700, 4700 and 6400 systems support the full suite of Windows, Linux and VMware operating environments on a stable, proven high-performance platform.

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